Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fine Jewelry: Reasons Why Women Admire Them

Fine jewelry has played important roles that has been well document in the pages of history. Since the ancient periods, humans have been documented to have worn articles of jewelry to enhance their appearance. Starting from the old stone age approximately 25,000 years ago, both men and women collected different kinds of items, drilled holes in them and wore them for varying reasons. However, women are more adept to wear jewelry pieces because of the many purposes they hold.

In a recent study facilitated by a lifestyle magazine, it was found out that 95 out of 100 surveyed female responds are more disposed to shop for fine jewelry pieces than any other items of accessory. This profoundly shows how adept women are when it comes to jewelry. With this result at hand, you might be wondering what is it with jewelry that makes women swoon for it. Accordingly, there's a whole range of reasons why women love jewelry.

To begin with, jewelry of all sorts is an important additive that enhances the entire context of dressing and artistic display. They are considered as vital components of fashion and style as they have the power to improve the visual appeal of the clothes women wear. Hair dresses that are accentuated with loose diamonds and other gemstones could make the hair appear more glamorous; brooches and pins could instantly transform a dull looking uniform into a more fashion-forward outfit. Bracelets, rings, earring, necklaces and other articles worn on different parts of the body surely define those parts where they are placed.

Other than accessorizing, articles of jewelry are also utilized to define the social status of women in the society. Back in the ancient times they were determining factors of what positions women hold in the community--with slaves using beads and upper echelons using metallic jewelry pieces accented with gemstones such as loose diamonds. Though this purpose may not be as extensive today as that from the past, it cannot be denied that jewelry pieces are benchmarks for the rich and famous.

Items of fine jewelry are also revered by women for their rich symbolism as well as spiritual and health value. Women from India have since been using the "tika- which looks like a chandelier earring that they wear at the end of their hair with the pendant suspended at the exact center of their foreheads to represent preservation of their spirits. Nose rings are commonly used to enhance sexual reflexes, while necklaces are said to help emotions, attract or strengthen love as they often sit close to the heart. Charm bracelets are often worn for their ability to hold luck, while bangles symbolize creativity and the sun's energy that could be transferred to their wearers. Gemstones of all kind are also revered for their healthy benefits especially in the field of Feng Shui, with diamonds to enhance clarity and jade to achieve relaxation just to name a few.

Of course, jewelry pieces tell a whole range of stories which is why women value them so much. They tell stories of love, friendship, celebration, welcoming or personal epiphany. They speak of relationships with spouses as seen from the popularity of wedding and engagement rings adorned with round brilliant cut gemstones, friendship in the form of friendship bands, and family which could be seen from the bequeathal of heirloom from one family member to another. Generally, jewelry of all sorts tells a whole lot about women that not even words would be able to express.

Fine jewelry pieces have long been adored by women because of the many purposes they hold. Loose diamonds for instance that have round brilliant cut are often used to accentuate wedding and engagement rings used to encompass undying love and devotion. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are worn for artistic display as well as to improve the appearance of clothes, improve health and define social status among others.

-Lorraine Jacobs

A Simple Guide On Where To Buy Your Diamond Jewelry

When buying fine diamond jewelry, other than the four C's, you also have to assess the place where you intend to buy such item. Diamonds whether loose or embedded in jewelry are truly expensive. This fact is one of the primary reasons why purchasing diamonds is probably one of the biggest decisions you have to make. With this in mind, you have to be cautious about the shop where you intend to buy them so that you won't regret your purchase later on.

There are different means in order for you to acquire diamonds. The first step that you could actually do is to go online and look for online jewelry stores that sell fine diamond jewelry pieces. Doing your purchases online is a practical way to land on articles of diamond jewelry without tiring yourself, as online jewelry stores are the key to finding diamonds that are both competitively priced and high in quality. Online jewelry shops usually offer a whole range of diamond jewelry designs from across the globe, which means you have many options to choose from.

One advantage of purchasing from online jewelry stores is that you could time and energy--with just a click of your finger, even while you're at home or in the office, you could instantly make your purchases from a whole range of selections and you also engage in online jewelry auctions that are usually run by professional jewelers. Similarly, online jewelry stores offer competitively priced diamonds and jewelry pieces, whether round brilliant or any form of cut you desire, because they do not have price markups since they don't have physical stores to run that often incur overhead expenses such as electricity bills and employee salaries among others. The main drawback with purchasing your jewelry online could be accounted to the profusion of selections that could dilute your ability to objectively appraise the price and quality of your choice. Nonetheless, as the internet equates to anonymity, there are myriads of jewelry scammers that could victimize naive jewelry buyers.

If you would like to secure your purchase, why not try visiting the local jewelry shops within your area? The main benefit of engaging in this option is that you have the opportunity to personally appraise the quality and value of the round brilliant diamond you wish buy. You could also ask questions that could be answered by professional jewelers, which in turn would assist you in finalizing your purchasing decisions. The major problems affiliated with this option could be found on product pricing; frequently, physical jewelry stores incur additional costs or markups on their products in order to cover their overhead expenses that are often acquired from electricity bills and employee salaries, and there are limited jewelry selections which could be an issue if you're looking for a specific kind of jewelry.

Meanwhile if you're after cheap diamonds, rare jewelry like oval diamonds from certain era, or used diamonds, you could try looking at specialty stores, thrift shops and pawnshops. If this option is something that you would consider, it is essential that you have the right knowledge about diamond jewelry and how to appraise it so that you won't make wrong purchases. It would also be necessary to have patience because at most times you might leave these stores empty handed. But, if you're truly lucky, you can purchase rare finds that you could include in your collections, though this instance rarely occurs.

When you decide to purchase fine diamond jewelry for yourself or for your loved one, it is highly suggested that you shop around and make comparisons first prior to making your actual purchase. If your primary option is purchase online, be sure to do an intensive background check on your prospective online jewelry stores to make sure if they are legitimate or not and also consider looking at their return and refund policies to ensure that your interests are protected. In terms of local jewelry stores, do not attempt to purchase immediately from the first shop you have visited, rather take the time to go around several stores and make comparisons about their prices, services and product quality. If you're not familiar with the jewelry stores in your area, ask for the recommendations of your friends and family so that you could choose the right jewelry that would be worthy of your expenses.

Fine diamond jewelry is perhaps one of the most important purchases you could make in. To make sure that you won't go wrong with your decision, it is advisable to check the store options you have at hand. You could buy your round brilliant diamonds online to save money and time. However, if you want to make sure about the quality of your oval diamonds personal visit with your local jewelry store would permit you to appraise them.

-Lorraine Jacobs

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fine Jewelry: Is It Cut Over Clarity?

Is cut more important than clarity when evaluating diamonds? You could spend hours pondering on the merits of one over the other. However, to get a specific answer, you need to comprehend the relationship between the two. More importantly, you'll need to think about what you value in fine jewelry.

A diamond's cut pertains to its external proportions, as well as the skill of cutting and polishing. Diamonds can be cut in such a way that it reaches its highest selling price, or maximizes its capability for brilliance. The clarity of diamonds, on the other hand, alludes to the quantity of imperfections a diamond has. High quality diamonds have less imperfection, and are subsequently considered more beautiful and expensive.

Clearly, the skill with which a diamond has been cut will alter its clarity. In the process of producing a diamond, this is one of the few factors which can be controlled. Only the most painstaking craftsmanship can assure that a raw piece of diamond will be turned into fine jewelry.

On the other hand, the clarity of diamonds can be poor irregardless of the quality of the cut. Clarity is also reliant on the quality of the raw diamond. As a buyer, you need to be attentive to this and inspect any diamonds you'd like to buy under a microscope or loupe to check for flaws yourself.

When you look at a round cut diamond, you'll realize how important it is to cut a diamond with a reasonable amount of skill. It will also become more apparent just how closely cut and clarity are connected to each other. Round cuts are famous for having the most potential for brilliance above all other cuts. Any mistakes in the cut or internal flaws, even minor, will decrease that potential considerably.

Do you want to buy fine jewelry? Are you looking for a diamond with the best cut, or the highest clarity? You can't disregard either factor. However, you can inspect the cut first, since it affects clarity, as well as carat weight. Prioritizing one of the four C's over the others is counterproductive, if you lack a basic education on diamonds.

A diamond's cut refers to its external proportions, as well as the skill of cutting and polishing. The clarity of diamonds, on the other hand, refers to the number of imperfections a diamond has. When you look at a round cut diamond, you'll realize how important it is to cut a diamond with a reasonable amount of skill. Only the most precise craftsmanship can guarantee that a raw piece of diamond will be recut into fine jewelry.

-Lorraine Jacobs